Point, click, attack. Yes, combat can be that simple. However, you can also use your learned abilities and special skills to devastate your opponent. Once you have a learned a new ability, as long as it’s not a passive one, you can drag it over to your shortcut bar for quick use. (You can also put frequently used items in the shortcut bar.) As you progress in levels, you may find that one shortcut bar isn’t enough. We’ve got you covered. Click on the “+” on the shortcut bat to get a second one. You can also rotate the shortcut bar and move it wherever you want.

And don’t forget that a well-timed sidestep or back flip can sometimes get you out of harm’s way: double-tap Q or E to sidestep, and double-tap S to swiftly move backwards. These dodges won’t work against most magical attacks, but can be effective against physical ones.

Monster ID System
When deciding what monster to hunt, you can tell how much of a challenge they’ll be by clicking on them once to target them. The name of the monster will appear in one of the following colors, depending upon how difficult they are:

White – 6 or more levels below you, no experience value
Light Blue – 4 or 5 levels below you, extremely low XP value
Blue – 2 or 3 levels below you, low XP value
Green – your level plus or minus one, decent XP value
Yellow – 2 or 3 levels above you, good XP value
Orange – 4 or 5 levels above you, great XP value but a tough fight
Red – 6 or 7 levels above you, great XP value but be prepared to die
Pink – 8 or 9 levels above you, phenomenal XP if you can bring it down
Grey – 10 or more levels above you, run away screaming (no XP value)
Player vs. Player (PvP) Combat

You can challenge members of your own realm to a duel by selecting them, right-clicking and choosing Request Battle. At low levels, a duel won’t help anyone much, except providing free entertainment for those around. No, it isn’t until the mid or higher levels that dueling really helps you to prepare to the real fights that are to come. And don’t just challenge players of your own class to see who’s better; fight characters of other classes so you can develop counter-strategies against them.

When you finally do come face to face with a member of the opposing faction, you’ll notice two things: first, your map will begin to pulse red in anticipation of the imminent battle; and second, the enemy’s name shows up in red. No matter what your enemy’s levels are, they will always con red. When the fight commences, it will be very much like any other fight, except that you’ll be fighting a real person. And remember, most likely both of you will have skills that were specifically meant for a real opponent.

If you’re out picking herbs in the Borderlands and don’t necessarily want a fight, you can attempt to discourage the enemy… but best of luck with that. You’re from distant lands and do not speak the same language. There is a skill that will allow you to understand your foe, but it’s often simpler to just use Shayia’s emotes to express your feelings.

Death Penalty
When you die in Shaiya, you will lose some experience unless you have an item that prevents it.
You also have a chance to lose equipped items or items in your character’s inventory unless you have items to prevent that as well.
As an Ultimate mode character, all of the previous applies, and if you are not resurrected within 3 minutes, your character is gone forever!
All this items are free when you start a character in item mall called 30d pack


When you’re ready to take on the opposing faction, you can head over to the PVP Battlegrounds to fight for control of 6 different areas. Each Battleground is divided by levels so that players of roughly the same level are matched against each other.

The Proelium Frontier is where players of levels 1-15 can get started battling the enemy. You can access it from a portal in Gliter or Keolloseu. The objective of this battleground is to take and hold the altar in the middle of the map.

Cantabilian is the 20-30 map that you can access from portals in Arktuis Village or Starfumos Village. The objective is to control all relics and kill all enemies.

D-Water/Kanos And Queen is the ultimate PvP map for levels 1-80. To enter D-Water, go to the portal in Map Adellia: Argates Supply Base or Map Adeurian: Above Spinterr Resistance Camp.
To Enter Kanos take the Portal from a NPC in capital or in AH ( Vault Guild Auction House ), To Enter Queen you enter Regnum Portal in a NPC In Capital and run there.


How to gain ranks
Enter a PvP battlefield. The battlefields are separated by level brackets. More details on PvP battlefields in Shaiya can be found here.
Defeat other players to gain kill points.
Advantages to ranking up
Ranking up allows players to gain access to more stats. These stats may be allocated just like other stats and are a bonus on top of stats gained while leveling up. Once a player reaches level 16, ranks can be redeemed for stat points in Apulune or Iris.

Death is just another part of battle. Each death brings you one step closer to a small gold compensation. Only Hard mode and Ultimate mode characters qualify.

Glory and fame
Glory on the battlefield and fame outside of it. Reach for the infamous red star and check out the player rankings. In-game ranks are denoted by a symbol next to the player’s name and a title in the character sheet.

Difficulty modes may limit the rank a player can reach.
Play as a Ultimate and use the 30d Pack in Item mall for free