Character Status Window
Displays Character name, level, current health (HP), current mana (MP), and stamina(SP).
Target Page
Displays vitals for targeted enemy or player (name, status, characteristic).
Buff/DeBuff Check
Shows current buff (or de-buff) effect and the its remaining time.
Hotkey Bar (P)
Emotes, basic behaviors, skills, magic, and consumable items may be dragged into the hotkey slots and activated using the numerical keys (1-0) on the top of your keyboard. Pressing the “+” button on the Hotkey Bar will add a second bar to the player’s HUD (these slots are activated using the number-pad keys). Pressing the arrow button will toggle the Hotkey Bar between vertical and horizontal orientation.
Character Name
The name of the player character. Identity code or rank may appear along the sides of the name while in a party or in player-versus-player (PvP) mode.
Minimap (V)
Indicates enemy Locations, NPCs, quests, and quest rewards. Clicking on the “+” or “-” will zoom in and out. Clicking on the parchment paper (M) will bring up a map of the entire realm.
Function Buttons
From right to left: Options, Battlefield, Community, Quest, Basic Actions, Skills, Inventory, Status, Mailbox and Item Shop.
This is where players can spend Aeria Points (AP) to enhance their gameplay experience.
Level Bar
The percentage of experience gained towards the next level.
Stats Screen
The current status of your character including class, level, title, stats and other useful information.


The yellow icons on your map are NPC quests. Go to these points and speak to an NPC with a floating icon above their head.
Portal Gates
These icons denote portal gates. There are many portal icons in every region, but only the most important ones are displayed on your map.
Completed Quests
These are displayed as a blue ? when you have met all the requirements of a quest, visit these NPC’s for your reward.
Potion Merchant
The Potion Icon on the Map indicates that there is a potion vendor located there.
Warehouse Keeper
The bag icon is your warehouse to store your drops or gears.
Gatekeepers provide convenient travel throughout Teos. You can use their service provided you are the correct level and have enough Gold to pay for the service.