Hello Strangers!
Welcome to MShaiya, Last server we did lasted 6 years.., when we decided to restart the old server… The server is now totaly new..! We want to thank you for checking out this server and we are welcoming you with open arms!

We want to welcome you to a server with different pvp zones such as, 15, 30, and 80! We have many free items for you in the server such as, free Sex Change Scrolls, level 7 linking hammers, big exctraction hammers, 30 day’s ressurection runes and lots more!

This server works with different gears through each zone, we have the normal gears and also donation gears that make the appearances change! check it out!

On this server you can also donate for a lot of different things, but don’t worry, almost every item is farmable in the server itself ! You can find DPC (Donation Crystal Points) to get Donation items in the Item Mall in game! So you don’t have to donate to get certain items you need. You can also farm our treasure boxes that are named Mini Bags, for normal or special items!

And as last, MShaiya presents you with different events from GMs and GSs.
Such as Monster Madness for Faction and in pvp ! We also have Naked PvP ever month!

Ask for more information for a GS in game and please don’t forget to check the rules!

Our server specifications are :

-x200 XP Rate, x1 Kill Rate
-DDoS Protected, Lag FREE
-Maximum level 80
-No Debuffs
-Cross-faction Trading is AVAILABLE !
-Regular Events
-Everything you see in item mall can be farmed in-game.

Below here you can find all the info we give out on out facebook page, to keep you updated with everything going on

Maintenance 17th of July.

Level 15 Dread 4 slotted gloves got added to lvl 15 zone

making 2 handed blud work for Defenders and Guarians

Dark Panic fixed with darkness as it should
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Maintenance 10th of july 2017.

Because of Cronus's new pc was damaged, and bad pc again. That hade to be shiped to another checkup/service. The maintenance is some what litle again.

So sorry but the new pc will be back late this week.

This is the updates:

To level up from 15-16 have now changed alot. this will be easyer from lvl 16-30, and hard again at 30-31, but then easyer.

This to be abel to stay in lvl 15 pvp and 30 pvp without level out easyer. This was changed Friday evening 07.07.2017.

Fixed even more monday at maintenance

Darkness blow now should work ( hopefully 🙂 )

Kimu is now lvl 83 not level 60 as it was
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new pvp video from the server.

join today 🙂
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Maintenance 3rd of July 2017.

lvl 15 pvp missing drop for Rangers/assassins and healers. will be added both reversed and normal short sword

Item Mall and website shop's half price has now ended..
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