Maintenance 16th of october 2017:

Sting level 30 boss and The Spider level 15 boss both get added 25% chance of Perfect Recreation rune and 25% of M dual ACC lapis

You can not trade gear anymore, now we started to rank up your gear, that means you can not use it on another char anymore. The char that have the rank have the upgrade not all of your chars.
If you need us to move your gear to the right character. Get the gear on the character that have the gear geared up. And keep the character you want the gear on ( that have the rank the gear have) naked and tell a GS, and we will switch the gear to the right character.

More of a info Maintanance:

Yes you can get a new level 7 lapis when you rank up 1 of the lapises. But you can only rank up 1 lapis on each gear/weap item.
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Maintenance fix 13.10.2017

A full server restart +

M Dual Str ACC Lapis fixed
M Dual Rec ACC Lapis give dex as it say's and not wiz

MM mobs got added Perfect recreation rune 1x at 50% and Big Donation Book 1x at 100% + they still have 2x OP at 100%
+ they get a bit harder

Absorb rank upgrade fixed. and show absorb
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11th of October 2017

Tired of paying for a server close to my self ( the few donators that donate i love you but i have to change something), And still have maxed out 20 ppl on and complaints about we are trying but can't get to pvp or we have nothing to do.

So total free server? NO it's not, but we will focus on pvp alot more.

After alot of looking at other games out now and why ppl play the new games and not the old,
I will make something that never made before ( that i know about ).

Level 6 and 7 Lapis is free too now.

Normal ACC lapis is free

Helmet level 2 is free

Sonic 2 and max flash Lapis is free

Dual lapis level 1-5 Free

Enchantement for level 80 armor/weap is free. and Lapisia is free

Lucky Charm is free

Still need the gold to link and enchant, but Linking is alot easyer and cheaper.

Still need the Recreation Rune but will drop more now.

Queen's will drop the Lapis they do But 2 Lapis each queen + They will change drop place every week. that way you have no idea where in the party/raid to be if you try and bugg it.

KI bosses will now drop a totaly new lapis BUT only 1 Lapis each. the new Lapis is Dual ACC Lapis 15 + 15 on 2 diffrent Stats and Only KI bosses have this ( They will change drop place every week as the queen ).

PVE bosses will be removed.

And here comes the kicker. the new thing and why we say we focus on pvp.

Every time you rank up. we will link a special (rank ) Lapis of your choice.

we have Wit Lapis, Forbid Lapis and Assault Lapis and Absorption level 1-5 Rank Lapis.

Every time you can choose the next level.

First rank you can choose like Assault level 1. that gives you 25 more attack, level 2 gives you 25 more so 50.

Forbid give you 25 more Defence on a armor part ( tops and weaps get it on all 4 at the same time )

Wit gives you 50 resist for each level. This gives you a total of 250 resist, 125 more attack or 125 Defence

Absorption gives you 25 for each level. This gives you a total of 225 absorption on all level 7 Absorption lapises

This only works on lapises you already have at level 7 or max.

Because you have 16 ranks you can get a total of 16 rank lapises. but you need more then that.

That's why we give you a extra boost every 50k kill. you get 3x Lapis upgrades every time you hit 50k, meaning 50,100,150 and so on on top of everything else.

You need the lapis Linked before we can upgrade it.. ( after you have upgraded this. this Lapis can not be sold, if you take it out with extract hammer. If you some way find a way to sell that we will ban you. this is a personal upgrade )

This means a donator can get boss items like before ( Except for the M element Lapis that only drop from bosses ), but the rank upgrade you have to rank to get. It's rank and only rank that get you this.

This upgrade you can you only have a max of 30 of.

Ppl already rank tell a gs what you want. and how many ranks you have. like if you have ran ked 3 times you can say rank 3 on absorption in pants. or rank 3 assault in weaps or soemthing like that.

tops we upgrade all 4 at the same time, and weaps. But you have to have a absorb 7 lapis to get the absorb upgrade and so on..

What to Farm then?

FC that gives 4 Million ( but not really high drop rate ) and OP hammers ( not really big drop rate here either ) can be farmed in KI. DD2 have RR and DPC like now ( 4xhighter RR rate, because LC and both Lapisia are gone from the same drop )

RR/summon rune/Remedies/Skill Reset/Etins/Guild Change/Name Change/Toon Only Change/ Item Recovery / OP / Perfect Recreation Rune/ Perfect Extraction Hammer is still in Item Mall as before.

You still need DP here. But not to be ready to join pvp.

Donations done the last month for stuff like Mpack that becomes totally free now. can send a ticket or add me to Skype ( username svinseladden, do not search for Cronus as so many tries to scam ppl in my name ) and we can talk about a deal.

Mini Mystery Box now drop:

Items for level 15 and 30 pvp
Dreamy stuff ( regnum items )
Recreation Rune
Donation Point Crystal
Operators Exclusive ( OP )
Fortune Coin LV4

What does this changes do? Well you can pvp with close to no effort ( gold and rr). But the game give out the more you do bosses and pvp or farm. Even after your pvp ready ( enchanted + linked that only need gold for and rr ). You are not 1 hit wonder, but you can still upgrade.

addon to the maintenance.

yes level 7 lapis that would break the gear before will do it now too. so be sure to have lucky charm in inventory when you link. and NO lucky charm does not work when you extract
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