Maintenance 14-21 of August isnt happening.

Too many ubers quit and the changes planned is then too much. so sorry
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Maintenance 7th of August 2017:

Droped gold value of queen fungus to 100k, ppl used it for gold and not what they are used for..

Queen boss is up.

she will drop 3x Queen Lapis Bag at 100% ( she is hard and not alone )

2 queens 1 in each Dungeon

level 15 Boss ( The Spider ) and 30 Boss ( Sting ) is up


1x dp crystal at 100%
1x Level 2 Element at 50%
1x Big Donation Book at 25% ( gives 1000 DP points if sold to a npc )

All bosses spawn ever 18 hours

KI bosses now drop 2x Boss Bags and 2x Lapises at 100%

Mini Mystery Boxes is changed. was too much good stuff that droped, they are lowered a bit. And level 7 Lapis is removed from the bag.

Half price week is now done. all prices are set back to normal

MM bosses, Darkness Pixie and Darkness Slave Trainer now drop 3x level 7 Lapis and 2x Boss drop bags..
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Maintenace 31th of July 2017:

fury portal at queen will now make you portal outside ( clear of the portal ).

mobs inside queen goes back to 10% drop rate but the hp is alot lower. faster to kill but still hit as it was..

tried to fix the lvl 16-17 exp and 31-32, should be easyer now..

Late Summer Deal:

Half price both in item mall and website shop all week.
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Quick maintenance 25th of jyly 2017:

Queen Dungeon was too low drop + too low hitting..

now it's highter level mobs and 15% drop rate insted..

Boss drop bag is fixed. will not be emty
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