Fast Error fixing Maintenance 22th of Febuary 2018.

KI quest didnt work. Moved that to DD1 still have the letters KANOS there.

other errors in a few quests is fixed too
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Maintenance 21.02.2018:

Finally done with this weeks Maintenance hahaha

BIG update:

As you all know. not that many play here. They say it's booring or there is no pvp, and nothing to do when your maxed.

Yes players want it easy and want stuff to do even when there maxed out.

This means i have to change the game a lot...

When your level 80 you get free armor/weap/cape/accsessory's ( level 75 items ) and everything you need.

More news for new players:

Normal Recrunes and free enchantment stuff are gone now. there replaced with free 30/3000 orange stats in Item mall . buy the free full GMRR item and look for the quest in AH called Free GMRR quest
item number 2 is free enchantment item in Item Mall. look for the Free Full Enchant quest in AH.

15 armor get a few 7 orange stats and 30 get's a few 15 orange stats using the same item

put this item in slot 2 of your wearhouse. the item you want orange stas on or encanted, take the quest you want and relogg to character screen.

PRR still make it 40 orange, even on the new gear. the free GMRR is just a help for new players to get ready..

Addon for the players that been in the game for a vile. and what everyone will work for.

A new gear/weap/cape and accsessory. But there is a big change on how to get it. No there is no bosses you can get this from. there is quests.
And you have to do it again and again and again. but there is alot of them.

At the end you get 1 armor /weap / acc /cape and so on. all depends on what quest you do, and how many you have of each items..

Make sure to check what you need in capitals.

You will have to do them a lot of times so prevent players from DC and have to do everything again..

Everything happends inside a pvp map yes it does sorry it have to do ( It's a game that are build for pvp and how you get better )..

But none of the quests make you pvp, It's all about killing diffrent mobs in diffrent maps. But it's a long road. and it's alot of roads.

You have to get weapon quest 4 times to get 4 weaponds and tops the same. 2 for rings and all that..

In ever map ( DD2,KI,Jungle ) there is a lot of quest. when ever you get that you get a token.
Now it all depends on how many of that items you get. They have a letter. And every letter part of the item counts in what you get..

1 NPC gives you 1 type of the item you want to collect. The items are called Loop Piece and a letter like Loop Piece J
( jungle you spell Jungel, DD2 you spell DD2 and so on KI will be called Kanos in this quest. ).
To make it fair we added different numbers. that means you have to run the same numbers of quests to get an item what ever item you are going for

Explained better. let's say Jungel that have 6 letters have 50 monsters to kill to get 1 token. Kanos might have 65 and DD2 mabe 100 because it's alot fewer letters.

But DD2 have ACC and Cape, Jungle have Weaponds and KI have Armor

This new set have better defence/resist. more damage on weap. and all have more stats. BUT it's less HP/MP/SP to make sure it's not maxing in that..

How will this work out?

Well it can be you need 10 J's and 20 U and 30 N and so on to get 1 kind of Weapond and 1 kind of armor mabe 10 K, 20 A and so on..

It will be explained in a big post on forum + if you ask the NPC that give out your weapond he will explain it too..

Pictures will come...

Some asked me. what about the players that have D1 already? This will be made for this new gear too, but a bit later. WQhen that is out.
you can turn your D1 old gear in for a D1 ticket for the new gear
( no not a upgrade only a look change again. That way you still have D1 gear when you want to turn your old gear in for a ticket to upgrade your new gear )
Might be 2 weeks before this is ready for a new gear D1.

D1 will be disabled in website too untill it's done for the new gear

Now secound question is why? why do this?

Well for the last 2 mabe 3 years alot of the players solo, or dual bosses in servers. Don't want to share and only the ubers and players that AFK farming get stuff and well alot of complaining. After alot of thinking and trying to understand and find a solution.
This is my idea. Because you have to run back and get a new quest all the time kill the idea of AFK farming. + This will make more enter the maps and make it alot more fun to party again. Everyone close to eachother in a party now get the monster kills.
Here it's better for all to help out as you need it too. and all help all..

I think this way made alot of the changes needed to force players to be more of a team.

And the best faction get everything is now killed. there is a lot of places in every map. Not all play at the same place, None can controll this now. There is no way to controll all places + all need this to be better.
For players to stay and sabotage or "own" a map now is totaly stupid to do. You will loose time waiting if you do. When the players your waiting for do quests other places insted. and You will be the looser trying to "own" a map.

I think and Hope i covered alot of the problems ingame now. Make friends and have fun at the same time, this is how i want a server to work.

Kill AFK farmers πŸ™‚
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Want to play a game that don't spam you with paying?
Want a game where you can be as good as everyone else and not pay a thing?

try us. why you not? what you have to loose?

register an account today. and play the game totally for free.
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Maintenance done. come and check how easy it is to Farm in DD2 now. you get Dual level 6 and M lapises alot easyer now ... See MoreSee Less

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next maintenance Monday 12th of February 2018:

Removes the queen dungeon totally.

For the players we have online atm, we have the bosses we need. We just added 6 mini bosses and 1 more main bosses in Cracked.

We need players to stay online and not just log out after bosses are done.

So we move the Funguses to DD2 as farmable items and not in Queen dungeons. We have alot on bosses that they still needs to be done.

We need stuff to do when there is no bosses up too.

Not to have them too hard to get as you need alot of them, they will have a 10% drop rate

Removes Cryptic The One II and adds Cryptic the Immortal II directly insted

Normal Recreation Rune is now free.

This is done to make player more ready for pvp without too much work.

You have to reroll the gear to make it as good as possible totaly for free and get Gold to link/enchant and your ready for pvp.

Dual accessory lapis/dual level 6 and level 8 Lapis is still boss drop to make them important too.

Perfect RR runes is still here to perfect the rr you get or if your boored of rerolling πŸ™‚

There is Nothing you have to pay for now. you get it all totally by playing the game. the more you pvp the more Donation Points you get on top of everything.

Not much work needed to start to pvp. level up, get gold and start pvping..
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maintenance 5th Febuary 2018:

Big Update:

Cracked in KI is now opening.

All small bosses in all zones will be there and drop

Dual 6 lapis at 50% chance
Dual ACC at 50% chance
Perfect extract or Linking hammer at 50%
And a totaly new Level 8 Lapis at 50%

Cryptic The One II is a small boss too BUT killing it will make the boss raise up

Cryptic the Immortal II will drop:

3x Level 8 Lapis

All monsters here are just here to kill you πŸ™‚

The drop is good, BUT there hard to kill

All mobs drop:
DPC at 10%
FC lvl 4 at 10%

This zone is like Queen +++++

how hard? Well at a few zones even maxed players can't farm alone. some they can. But it's not a farming zone.
healers get ready.. everyone need your help πŸ™‚

Only Cryptic the Immortal II will be added to the website script

Yes a New lapis. Lvl 8

This gives

70 in normal stats like STR,REC and so on
This is a full new Lapis and can be linked in the same item as Level 7
It's hard to link. and this is the lapises you can get:

All add 70
Wit Raise 225
Absorb raise 125

Please this is a test. It's insanly hard for me to make it perfect without testing. There might be problems to kill a few bosses or other stuff.
This is a hard zone and you need friends. BUT there should be possible to take them down..

This will be fixed more next week if anything is a problem

This will spawn every 36 hours. This means it's like a planned MM in pvp maps.

Sale Ends
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Maintenance 29th of January 2018.

There is no Maintenance this week, waiting on next week. There will something new coming that takes time.

There will be a restart to make something ready.

And yes that means we still have half off in item mall and web shop
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Naked PVP Jan. 27th at 6pm ser😍😍ver time. Get your lvl 1 noble weapons ready. 50% off sale in item mall and website shop. ... See MoreSee Less

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Maintenance 22th of January 2018:

Raise kills from 1x - 5x forever

this means we are raising the max kills to 1 million at the same time.

New pvp kills and rank numbers will be posted on our forum. Under pvp ponderings

We have a 1 week half off this week. first after new year πŸ™‚
Half price in website and ingame
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Now fury have players, i will move to light. i want all the lights to join me from tomorrow, Fury too. i will try and make this come alive again but i need all of you to help me. this time i take Light's side.

Not monday as it's maintenance day, but tomorrow is start playing light. come on join me or come on and try to beat me πŸ™‚

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