Char/Item Change



This Item is done directly and not a ticket you get.

to get this you need to fill in CharacterName and from what kind of character to what kind of character you want to change. IN the Order notes before you click Proceed to paypal

this make it possible to change from 1 type of character to another with full gear (only same faction characters ).

You need a complete set with weaponds to do this.. Can change Donation to new donation. like Fighter D1 to Archer D1 , or normal Fighter to normal Archer.

WE can not change Melee/archer to casters. becouse this does not change orange stats and Lapis.

Like this: Character: xxxx change to Archer from Fighter. or somethiung close to that in Order Note Before you click Proceed to paypal

Or add svinseladden on skype and expain there how you want it after you payed ( this might take more time becouse i do other things then just stay here, like sleep 🙂 )..


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