this will give you



This package will give you 200 000 Donations Points

Also contains a pack of 30 lv7 Lapises for your class.
(For example : 10x Craft, 10x Shrewd, 10x Safe and so on)

If you want a special Lapis. just add what you want under Order notes under Additional information on the last page before you go to paypal or payment wall.

This means you can add what ever lvl 7 lapis or max lapis 3x 10. but you have to add that to the order note

With that you also get a pack of 15 lv2 Helm lapises in the same way as above.
(Mystic, Wise and Safe for Mages as an exmaple)

And with all that, you also get 5 pieces of all Lv2 Elemental Lapises.

5x Blaze-Burn Lapis Lv2
5x Water-Fear Lapis Lv2
5x Earth-Shock Lapis Lv2
5x Wind-Gale Lapis Lv2
5x Blaze-Light Lapis Lv2
5x Water-Light Lapis Lv2
5x Earth-Panic Lapis Lv2
5x Wind-Scroll Lapis Lv2

Additional information


Archer, Assassin, Defender, Fighter, Guardian, Hunters, Mage, Oracle, Pagan, Priest, Ranger, Warrior